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A Studio by the Beach

We have just finished the design of a studio in the four star Sentido Bilyana Beach Hotel in Nessebar. The hotel is situated right next to the sea beach and the view from the studio is impressive.

The layout is organized so that the furniture groups in both the living and the sleeping zones are oriented towards the windows and the sea view. There are two types of wood finish – a darker and a lighter one, but the contrast is moderate, so that the two tones blend rather than stand apart. The furniture has a certain recognizable detail – a thin frame of light wood surrounds the darker front of the volumes. The check pattern on the bed headboard integrates the wall sconces and the nightstands. The colour scheme follows the requirements of the client. What we have added is a geometrical colored pattern on the rugs that is typical of the Bulgarian tradition - just a bit of a local touch to the interior.

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