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Ski Paradise Hotel and SPA, Bansko

Total Built Area: 6031 m2

Built area: 1075 m2

The building has a simple scheme and is situated in the plot so that a proper entrance with a large canopy is formed and a large pool south from the building is possible. In the north corner of the plot is the service entrance for cars and small trucks (up to 7.5 t.) Main parking for clients of the hotel is at II Lower Ground Level and provides 22 parking spaces. The underground parking leaves space for the external pool which is the right shape and size for a good swim. Around it there is a green area witch approximately accommodates for 50 lounge chairs. The level of the swimming pool zone is under street level so that it corresponds with the level at which SPA area and internal pool are situated. 

There are 87 guest rooms of which 69 separate rooms and 9  apartments.

At Ground floor there is a large lobby with two fire places, reception and a lobby bar. The restaurant and a part of the kitchen are at this level too. A terrace on the south east elevation facing the inner court with the pool, accommodates 32 seats that can be used by clients of the lobby bar and possibly the restaurant. Offices have the privilege to be situated to the south west as they are occupied for the larger part of the day. 

At I Lower Ground Level there is a SPA zone with internal pool, jacuzzi, massage room hamam and saunas (fin, infra red and herbal). 

At Lower Ground Floor besides the garage there are technical rooms, storage rooms, service rooms, the restaurant main kitchen and the staff canteen. 

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