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Eco Villas in Cognac, France - chapter I

The project includes a complex of 24 houses, a recording studio and a SPA hotel. The plot is over 5,2 hectares and is situated on the outskirts of the town of Cognac, next to a vineyard and Chateau de Chatenay (http:// http:/ The building materials are mainly natural. The thickness of the thermal insulation and the strategy to use internal stone walls as thermal mass are a part of the intention for a sustainable design.

The plot is a part of an area classified as 1NA according to local regulations. That brings specific requirements and restrictions regarding the design and its ecological impact. The project received a building permit after a series of meetings within the municipality and execution is about to begin.

The client knew pretty much what they wanted the villas to look like. So we came up with this design. The client approved of the idea. Then we had a meeting at the Cognac municipality. They wanted us to change the design so it complies with the local architectural characteristics. An article in a local newspaper followed: Armenian investors bring Bulgarian Architects to design Swiss huts in Cognac. Well, they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. To see how things progressed check Eco Villas in Cognac, France - chapter II

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