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New York Apartment II

The housewarming party for the New York apartment is planned for mid-March so we don't have much time left before we order the furniture. For the moment we are not changing the bedroom but maybe later we will. Now our concentration is mainly on the living and dining areas. Here are some pictures of these spaces.

The owner was quite certain she didn't want any electrical outlets moved or walls changed so we proposed these two options for the layout:

The furniture that is already in place was brought from Zurich and it looks like that:

The abundance of wood, the simplicity of the shapes, the check pattern on the sofa, the ethno rug and the leather chairs - all of that brings out the idea of a shale style. Which makes sense having in mind the Swiss past of our friend and her love for the mountains and the ski tracks. What we wanted was to add some chic to all that. We got inspired by these wall sconces that remained from the previous owners:

To extend the pattern of the rectangular wooden pieces that are already in place we chose some nonrectangular wooden furniture combined with rectangular metal ones. We chose brass and copper instead of inox or chromium to keep the place warm and cozy. So what we were looking for in general was the appearance of cozy chic.

Here is the mix of existing and proposed that we came up with.

Rudi the Wall Hanging Deer and the Mongolian Sheep Skin Pillow were an ironic wink at the shale theme. Don't they look good?

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