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New York Apartment

We are doing a quick redesign of an apartment in NY - furniture layout and some decoration. The owner is a friend of ours which will make things either easier or the opposite :)

She has bought the apartment recently after living at different places around Europe. When she decided to settle down in Manhattan, it was no surprise to anyone as we have always known her to like going to Broadway Shows, moderately enjoying Cosmopolitan cocktails and occasionally watching Sex and the City. But then nobody is perfect, right? :)

Here is information about the building according to

""Formerly a brewery, The Gramercy Habitat, retains many of its original details including original wood beam ceilings and exposed brick walls. The building features multi-floor laundry, storage, a bike room, and a garage accessible from in the building.

The 24 hour doorman building is located one block east of Gramercy Park, walking distance to Union Square, subways, and all the shops and restaurants that make the area so special""

The nearby park is one of the three private parks in the state and was previously a swamp. Here are some interesting facts I found on Wikipedia:

""Gramercy Park[note 1] /ˌɡræmərsi ˈpɑːrk/ is the name of both a small, fenced-in private park[3] and the surrounding neighborhood that is referred to also as Gramercy,[4][5] in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, United States.[6] The approximately 2-acre (0.81 ha) park, located in the Gramercy Park Historic District,[7] is one of two private parks in New York City – the other is Sunnyside Gardens Park in Queens[8][9][10] – as well as one of only three in the state;[11] only people residing around the park who pay an annual fee have a key,[12] and the public is not generally allowed in – although the sidewalks of the streets around the park are a popular jogging, strolling and dog-walking route.

In the center of the park is a statue of one of the area's most famous residents, Edwin Booth, which was dedicated on November 13, 1918.[38][39][40] Booth was one of the great Shakespearean actors of 19th Century America, as well as the brother of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln.""

A bit of a yellow story here:

""In 2001, Aldon James of the National Arts Club that adjoins the park brought about 40 children, mostly minorities, into the park from the nearby Washington Irving High School on Irving Place. The trustee at the time, Sharen Benenson, called police alleging that the children were trespassing.[47] The police refused to take action. Later, a suit was filed against the park's administration in Federal Court.[49][50][51] The suit was settled out of court in 2003. Most of the children settled for $36,000 each, while one received $50,000.[6][52]""

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