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When the kitchen is a part of the livingroom

First we are glad to share that the bedroom we published a while ago here, got approved and the client chose Option Two which was kind of expected.

At that time we were still not quite certain what the final look of the living room should be and here are some of the stages that it went through:

First we proposed a modern-ethno design and it looked like that:

Then the client said they don't quite like the blue and we proposed bordeaux. So that was what followed:

The main purpose seemed to be to make the kitchen integrated into the design of the whole room. So we made this elevation on which you can see a big bookshelf next to the kitchen that is the same colour and has the same size of modules.

If you are straining your eyes to read the colourful sign on the bookshelf - it reads: "Go to the library. Don't ask for any of our books". But the letters are supposed to be magnetic so they could be arranged in a more polite manner:)

Then it turned out the bookshelf is not needed there as there would be enough of book storage in the kids' rooms. Meanwhile it bacame also clear the doors would be supplied by the Contractor and they would be Wenge colour. So we decided to go for something darker and came up with this:

We showed this to the client and they said that the wooden decorative wall is a bit too much for them. Still when they saw this trial 3D viz, they reacted quite entusiasticly. I mean, come on, it's just a 3D and it is based exactly on what you see on the 2D drawings (the same ones you just commented as being not appropriate) But one can't argue with the power of modern technologies.

Anyway after we promised to come with one option that doesn't include big book shelves or wooden decorative walls, we sent this to the client. It is going more into the classical style because at that time we had already agreed on the classical look of the bedroom. Also we had agreed to bring back the blue for a change:) What we wanted was to have the same colour for the upper cabinets of the kitchen and the wall. The square shelves on the wall are arranged in a checkboard manner to reflect the look of the mosaic tiles in the kitchen. So there you go:

The client agreed.

Later we proposed these shelves for the wall behind the sofa:

They are produced by a Bulgarian Company called ""Design Apparat" and I find them adorable!!portfolio-item/bo

I am simply in love.

And waiting for an answer :)

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