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Deeper into classical

The meeting went OK but I kind of thougt the appartment was getting close to ready - it turned out we still have undecided stuff especially regarding the livingroom and the boy's room. The bedroom that I published here was generally accepted weel. The client asked only for a slight change in the colours. She showed a pictute of a stripped bed sheet corner and said - when she saw that she knew - that would be the colour scheme for the bedroom. There was kakhy and blue and some beige so the change was not supposed to be dramatic. Besides I believe it is always a good thing if a client knows what they want. It is actually a good thing in general if someone knows what they want. Unless they are Hitler of course :). Here I did some changes to the bedroom elevations and came up with two options. The first one is quite close to what we already had - I just brought the blue colour in and got rid of the orange. The second one - I chose a curtain pattern that is close to what I remember the bedsheet pattern to be. That made me remove the striped wallpaper (I admit that was so deer to my heart but personal preferances might need to step back when desighning someone else's room) and I chose a what seem to me a more feminine pattern, quite colourful as well, for the wallpaper. So all the colour and the crossing of paterns might have taken the whole room to a even more classical appearance but the rest of the apparment is not finished anyway and I have a feel that is the right thing for the client. We will see.



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