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A house near the sea

We designed the house from scratch - both the architectural design and the interior. It is always a great pleasure, but also a responsibility to be commissioned a job like that. 


The house is situated in perfect surroundings, the view to the sea was a priority when figuring out the orientation of the house. The roof, in this case supported by solid wood structural beams, turned out to be the crown of the building, both literally and metaphorically. It is exposed in the interior, as well as in the exterior. The roof could be, in our perspective, something more than a shelter element - it is an element for the soul to cherish.

The interior combines classical with modern features - our aim was to blend these in a serene manner and if there was any contrast involved that was amde only to the degree to excite and envigurate rather than shock. We mixed wall cornices with big slabs of matchbook patterns, gold coloured and bronze-finished shanderiers with minimalist functional spotlights. The living room and the study have partly double height, which is emphasized by taking parts of the interior from floor to ceiling (the volume of the living room fireplace) or bringing more detail and shape to the upper part of the walls (3D flower wall-panels in the study) or providing uplights on the walls.


The master bedroom has a ceiling to look up to. The italian shandelier hangs down from it like a jewel. Classical-detail wall paneling stand next to a black painted minimalist shaped fireplace, which cuts through the room with a mind of its own, but still in respectful harmony with the rest of the design.

The foyer is a spacious place partly due to the clients desire for the stair to be of light nature - made of wood and metal in this case. Again the old-style pattern of the floor is reminescent of luxuruos ball halls, while the flat suspending ceiling with its indirect light slot along its periphery is nothing but modern. The italian black steel and glass wall sconces on the sides of the oval wall mirror belong in their style somewhere in between old and new times and expose themselves in modesty by simply being georgeous.

The master bathroom has a terrace of its own enjoying a sea view in the privacy of its own

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